UPDATE: Maagdenhuis Protest

1 April: via a joint statement, an agreement to create two independent committees had been reached   between the protesting parties and the University Executive Board.

On the same day, Rethink UvA released a news statement emphasising that the setting up of the committees (on finance and governance) were just a “first step towards change”, and that they would continue to call for the realization of their other demands.

7 April: During the negotiations between the protesting parties and the University Executive Board, it appeared that the Board threatened the students and teachers with legal actions such as lawsuit and persecution if they did not agree with the board’s proposal for them to leave Maagdenhuis.

8 April: New University (DNU) called for a press conference as they rejected the minimal concessions with the University Board and opposed its intimidation tactics of taking legal actions against them and the teachers. They were disappointed with the University Board’s unchanged mentality and backing-out with negotiations.

They reiterated their call that the University board should resign. This weekend, they would push through with their two-day Festival of Humanities defying the April 8, 6pm ultimatum of the University Board. As they leave Maagdenhuis on Monday due to University’s threat of legal actions, the festivity will serve as a closing celebration of the unities and victories they have achieved and as an inspiration to the continuation of their fight outside of Maagdenhuis.

8 April: In their 9 April statement, Humanities Rally and Rethink UvA wrote that the protesting parties and successfully met (on 8 April) to discuss the formation of the two independent committees for democratization, decentralization, and financial transparency at our university.

They also mentioned that they were not part of the New University’s press statement rejection of the provisional agreement with the University Board to end the appropriation of Maagdenhuis. Nevertheless, they remain partners and allies.

9 April: New University issued a moving and inspiring statement on leaving Maagdenhuis and the Festival of Humanities.

11 – 12 April: Festival of Humanities. Check out their program here.

Red Square. Be There. ©newuni.nl

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